Writing Opportunity with Examiner.com

Examiner.com currently reaches 110 cities across the county. It is a growing community with a national reach. This is done through the many local examiners it employees through those 110 cities. The examiners cover issues in each city under 25 different topics. They have openings so I applied.

Guess what happened? I are one now! I am officially the Atlanta Evangelical Perspectives Examiner. Cool, huh? Well, I thought so. The plan is to write 2-4 articles a week. If any of you Metro Atlanta folks have any thing you deem news worthy please let me know.

Even cooler? It pays! Yep, it’s a paying gig. I found out about this from my distant neighbor Marty Duren. I figured I had as good a chance as anyone to get hired. I have a little online presence with my writing and some regular readers. I applied. They replied. Thankfully, with yes. That’s not all though.

Cooler yet? You too may write! If you like to write and have some insight on your city this might be for you too. It sure can’t hurt to apply if you’re interested. Look around the site. See what you think. Give it a shot!

Can you help? As I said above, this is paying gig. I can’t tell you exactly how that works. All I know is that somehow the page views and number of subscribers are used to calculate the amount. There are also referral fees I can make. So I ask.

  • Would you please consider subscribing to my articles?
  • Considering sharing with your friends?
  • Would you mind dropping a comment below with the type of articles you’d find most interesting?
  • If you decide to sign up please let me refer you. Contact me to let me know and I will give whatever advice I can.
  • Most importantly, please pray that this would be an edifying endeavor through which Jesus can be glorified.

Thanks for the consideration to help. I’m looking forward to extending my writing ability and its reach.

For what it’s worth…


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